Example of projects delivered by Juicify
Website traffic growth from 0 to 4500 visitors per month and
continues to grow
Case Study: Weight Loss niche Website traffic grew from 0 to 4500 visitors per month and continues to grow.
The main purpose of a link-building campaign is to build links that can later be resold as a part of broader digital marketing campaigns.
We have decent experience in this niche...
909% more leads and +1000% organic traffic over the first 8 months
Case Study: Increased traffic by 1000% over 8 months with link building
The customer had lots of resource pages on their site and engaging linkable content. All this made them a perfect candidate for individual link building. First, we did thorough research, checked the website, and realized — it is ready for links...
Case Study of a link-building campaign for Software Development Company
... Project growth acceleration
From January 2018 to January 2019, website traffic increased from 5 to 30 users per day
From January 2020 to July 2021, website traffic increased from 30 to 350 users per day ...
How we increased organic traffic of Software Development company by 1116%
Traffic almost doubles in five months
Case Study: Increased traffic by 80% over 2 months with link building
Due to the competitive nature of the sector prices for backlinks are higher than standard. We deliver ROI by working fast and building long term relationships. Keeping the price as low as possible without compromising on quality is our internal KPI.
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