Our Research on the Real Needs of SEO Specialists

Survey results

We conducted a large-scale study, interviewing more than 2000 specialists in the field of SEO and digital marketing from seven European countries. The purpose of the study was to identify the main difficulties that experts face when promoting their projects in SERP and when working with off-site SEO contractors.

The results of the survey showed that the main reasons for outsourcing work on building up the link-profile are:

  • Unloading internal specialists (20.48%)
  • The inability of the department to fully cover the necessary volumes (7.14%)
  • The financial benefit of outsourcing compared to maintaining an in-house department (15.71%)
  • The company is not yet ready to create its own link-building department (17.14%)
  • Lack of time and/or understanding of processes to create an internal department (9.52%)
  • The need to utilize the marketing budget by the end of the month (4.29%)
At the same time, it is worth noting that 28.57% of respondents do not use link-building for their projects at all, and 21.9% perform this work internally.
Working with link-building contractors also comes with many challenges. One of the questions in our research shows that the most common difficulties are:
  • Use of "generic" databases (39.52%)
  • Chronic non-compliance with the criteria for website selection by contractors (23.81%)
  • The contractor's lack of understanding of the specifics of the client's niche (25.71%)
  • The varying quality of the proposed websites, which requires considerable time spent on checks (37.14%)
Aware of these challenges, over the past year, we have done significant work within our team to meet our customers' needs as much as possible. Specifically:

Use of "generic" databases
To avoid the problem of working with generic databases, it is essential to work with contractors who do more than just send a file with thousands of sites that can take weeks to sift through. Instead, work with contractors who perform outreach directly for your keywords, research Google SERP, and find new websites.
To achieve this, we build an outreach process for each individual project of our clients and do not sell sites from one base indiscriminately.

Chronic non-compliance with the criteria for the selection of sites by contractors
Since most resellers have a "stationary" base they work with, their range of offers is limited. Consequently, the number of sites that completely fit your parameters will also be limited. To somewhat expand the number of sites offered, they may include sites that only loosely meet your requirements, leading to chronic non-compliance with your criteria.
Instead of this, we conduct real outreach to thoroughly research your niche and only offer you relevant websites, including for the long term. This is the approach we use in our work.

Lack of understanding of the client's niche by the contractor

Contractors often can only select and filter websites based on specific SEO parameters, but it is not guaranteed that these sites will work well as link donors. This is because before providing you with a list, they don't have the ability to massively check if these website pages are ranked in Google search for the necessary keywords.

To solve this problem, with the help of our proprietary software, we first select those sites whose pages are already ranked for your keywords in Google's top 100 SERPs. This demonstrates their "weight" in the "eyes" of Google's algorithms, making them potentially better link donors than those websites selected without considering this process.

Varied quality of proposed websites, requiring significant time for checks

Due to the limited set of sites (website base) most providers have, they send you a list to offer something, often irrelevant or just trying to provide quantity, hoping something will fit. Therefore, most of the routine work falls on your side for the above reasons.

How we address this: we take on most of the routine verification work and provide you only with the most relevant websites that meet all the previously discussed requirements. Therefore, to select the necessary number of suitable websites, you only need to review 2-3 times more than you need to place, instead of choosing from hundreds or thousands of unverified websites.

Let's summarize:

With many years of experience in promoting, including our own projects, and a deep understanding of the nuances of the off-site SEO process, as well as the algorithms for finding "working", stable, and growing websites, we are able to provide services at a higher level compared to most competitors in the market.

Therefore, we are ready to offer you a truly individualized approach to finding relevant websites for your projects and to help you build a high-quality link profile for your websites as effectively as possible. Feel free to contact us - we will thoroughly study your requirements and project specifics and develop the optimal strategy for interacting with your team.
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Our team of in-house copywriters- "content creators" will quickly produce expert and useful articles that serve as the perfect wrapper for your backlinks. Also, Juicify collaborates with the best content writers to create high-quality local content for various industries.
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