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Project start:Services:Duration:Results:November 2019White label link building services2.5 years1. Project growth acceleration
2. Increased visibility and higher search engine rankings
3. Driving more referral traffic
4. Increased brand awareness

IntroSolutions OfferedResults:Client: Clockwise Software, an outsourcing company located in Eastern Europe. The company specializes in on-demand software development for businesses. Clockwise Software is also successfully launching logistics, marketplace, and supply chain startups

Analyzing a company’s specializations (despite our extensive experience with Software development companies, we start each new project with a detailed analysis of the exact services they offer).

Manually filtering and picking websites that rank high for target keywords that are relevant to the client’s subject and identifying potential donor websites

Analyzing competitors' link profiles to find relevant donors that have helped competitors get to the top of their industries and including these websites into our link-building strategy

Joint process of choosing and approving websites for the subsequent content placement

Development of content strategy and implementation of technical specifications based on the competitive analysis results. Content creation

Content publication on approved resources that link back to the Client's website1. Project growth acceleration
From January 2018 to January 2019, website traffic increased from 5 to 30 users per day
From January 2020 to July 2021, website traffic increased from 30 to 350 users per day2. Increased visibility and positions on search engines
Can be seen on the screenshot belowRequestThe Client wanted to increase their organic traffic and search rankings on Google by enhancing their website link profile. They aimed to build a streamlined link building strategy with minimum labor costs and marketing department intervention. The company also wanted to improve their marketing spend efficiency.Major PitfallsBuilding processes in-house:
- working only with a blog and within the site does not bring desired results
- creating a link-building department within the company is a very costly and laborious process. Qualified in-house specialists might need much time to establish and continuously manage such department
Work with contractors:
- it is difficult to find a reliable contractor, as most link builders are not familiar with the industry-specific needs, as a result, the time spent on client-contractor communication increases manifold
- high commission fees for link placements through link-building marketplaces and digital agencies
3. Driving more referral traffic
Posted articles generate more clicks for our Client’s website

4. Increased brand awareness
Articles are posted on thematically relevant resources, whose audience is their potential clients